19 September 2009

The Grim Grotto

By Lemony Snicket.

    Audiobook read by Tim Curry.

The Book in One Sentence.
    The Baudelaire orphans encounter yet another in a series of unfortunate events.

The Good.
    Did you know that wasabi can be consider a culinary substitute for horseradish?  

The Bad.
     I wish this series could last forever. Ah, well.

Who would I recommend it to?

    Everyone.  Especially people who tend to enjoy childeren's books,  like to learn new words and/or enjoy a good story.

A Quote from the Book.
    "'Aye!' the voice said again. "Keep your eyes open!  Look out below!  Look out above!  Look out for spies!  Look out for one another!  Look out!  Aye!  Be very careful! Be very aware! Be very much! Take a break!  No--keep going!  Stay awake!  Calm down!  Cheer up!  Keep climbing!  Keep your shirt on!  Aye!'"

    I'm having trouble writing something level headedly enthusiastic.  This book and the whole series rock!

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