15 November 2009

Twelve Angry Men

    Netflix dvd

The Movie in one sentence.
    Twelve jurors must decide the verdict in a murder case.

The Good.
    A diverse group of twelve people coming together to create a bit of ordinary extraordinary.  It is a delight to watch and puzzle out who will be the next to switch their vote.

The Bad.
     They are in the jury room for nearly all of the movie.  It was hot in there and I can sympathize its hot where I am too.  The room is cramped in the film and, well, don't watch this if your prone to claustrophobia.   Also, nothing supernatural happens.  It is all pretty serious and real.

Who would I recommend it to?

    Anyone who likes black and white films and Henry Fonda.

A quote from the movie.
"Let's take a vote."

I've seen this movie several times and come away with something different each time.  If you haven't seen it,  rent it.  Clear away the distractions and enjoy.

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