30 August 2009

Lawrence of Arabia

    Netflix dvd.

The Movie in one sentence.
    Depicts T.E. Lawrence's role in World War I.

The Good.
    An incredible story I'd never heard before.  I'm still not sure of the historical placement, but I intend to learn more.  This Peter O'Toole fellow is divine.

The Bad.
   I know the vast desertscapes were part of the point.  They were also beautiful shots.  However in a movie of over 3 hours in length, it was a bit more than I could take.  I totally fast forwarded through bits of it.  Oh.  And the torture scene.  Because watching someone be tortured when I can do nothing to help, drives me nuts.

Who would I recommend it to?
    Anyone with an interest in this piece of history, Lawrence, beautiful films, or excellent stories.

A quote from the movie.
"I'm different."

I'm not sure how I could have gone so long in my life without having seen this film.  I've added it to my re-watch in five years list.  I'll be curious to see what insights an older Liz will have.

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