22 August 2009

The Yiddish Policemen's Union

by Michael Chabon

   Audiobook on iAudio T2.

The Book in one Sentence.
    An unstable detective must race against time to solve a murder before his people are kicked out of Alaska.
The Good.
  Chabon's descriptions are priceless.  One of the characters, Bina Gelbfish, uses whatever is handy to tie her hair back, which is totally something I do.

The Bad.
    Occasionally a bit too gritty for me.
Who would I Recommend it to?
    Anyone with an interest in alternate history, gritty crime novels, hidden cows, or happy endings.
A quote from the Book.
"According to doctors, therapists, and his ex-wife, Landsman drinks to medicate himself, tuning the tubes and crystals of his moods with a crude hammer of hundred-proof plum brandy. But the truth is that Landsman has only two moods: working and dead."

   There is an awesome story here.  While it took me some effort to get past the grit and flashbacks to see that, I will definitely be reading it again.

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